InnovativeCultural products


Innovative Cultural Items (ICI) was founded in 2018 in the form of a Social Cooperative Enterprise.

Its founding members are professionals with long experience across the fields of educational publications, graphic arts, cultural content design and production and projects planning and implementation with a special expertise in libraries and reading culture enhancement.

ICI’s mission is the creation of new, innovative products and services that combine technology, know-how and skills from the publishing and IT sectors and intend to broaden the horizons of publishing activity, as well as its influence amongst young audiences.

ICI’s aims to sustainable development and contribution to society.

ICI’s activities intend to:

  • Contribute to social and economic equality.
  • Protect and develop the common goods.
  • Promote intergenerational and multi cultural collaboration, emphasizing to particular characteristics of local communities.

ICI’s areas of activity

  1. Design, production and sales of innovative products with educational and cultural added value.
  2. Provision of consultative services to individuals and enterprises regarding the design, production, sales and marketing of publishing products.
  3. Corporate representation services and sales of publications and cultural products of other publishers and producers in Greece and abroad.
  4. Creation and trading of digital products and services with cultural and educational content offered online.
  5. Provision of design and printing services to individuals and enterprises.
  6.  Provision of services for the planning and support of scientific, educational and collective cultural activities or/and projects, emphasizing the promotion of book reading and culture. Support of educators from preschool, primary and secondary education in activities enhancing reading culture and books.
  7. Provision of consulting services regarding design and library support.
  8. Online provision of publishing services to individuals and legal bodies. Provision of funding via crowd funding and other sources.
  9. Design and operational support to libraries, library networks and other bodies for the promotion of book reading and the enhancement of education and culture.
  10. Provision of online space for the promotion of books and reading.

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