ionikos apotypwsiSource: Robert Sayer, Ruins of Athens, 1759


Columns are one of the characteristic elements that differentiate amongst the classical orders in ancient Greek architecture. One of the three main orders is the Ionic. Ionic columns are slimmer than the columns of other orders. Their most distinctive characteristic is the volutes in the columns capital.

The Ionic Column 3D paper model consists of 12 printed and easy detachable pieces of paper in two sheets of 215gr paper.

The pack includes a sheet of historic and architectural information as well as instruction for the column’s assembly.

Ionic Column content

Ιωνικός κίονας κομμάτια

Ιωνικός κίονας


Ionic column package 

Video with assembly instructions.



The dimensions of the assembled paper model are 24Χ5Χ5 cm.

*Glue is required for the model’s assembly

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