Doric column

Doric capital and part of shaft Mahaffy John Pentland 1890 Source: John Pentland Mahaffy, Greek Pictures, 1890


Columns are one of the characteristic elements that differentiate amongst the classical orders in ancient Greek architecture. One of the three main column orders is the Doric. The classical Doric column has no base. The shaft rests directly on the stylobate. The upper part of the column’s shaft is narrower, creating the impression of greater height.

The Doric Column 3D paper model consists of 6 printed and easy detachable pieces of paper in two sheets of 215 gr. paper.

The pack includes a sheet of historic and architectural information as well as instructions for the column’s assembly


dorikos kionas low

doric column compo



doric  column package


Video with assembly instructions.



The dimensions of the assembled paper model are 23,5Χ6,5Χ6,5 cm.

*Glue is required for the model’s assembly

Designed by Dimitris Chalkiopoulos, text: Thespoina Lampada


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