Tsipoùra is the Greek name for the gilt-head seabream (Sparus aurata). Gilt-head seabream live in the Mediterranean Sea but they are also found along the Eastern Atlantic coasts, from Great Britain to Senegal.

The red mullet 3D paper model kit consists of 8 printed and easy detachable pieces of paper in one sheet of 215 gr. paper.

The pack includes a bilingual sheet of general information as well as instructions for the assembly.

tsipoura εσωτερικό

tsipoura κομμάτια





tsipoura συσκευασία

tsipoures promo


Video with assembly instructions.



The dimensions of the assembled paper model are 22,5x8,5x2,5cm/8,8”x3,3”x1”.

*Glue is required for the model’s assembly

Designed by Dimitris Chalkiopoulos


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