Κνωσός (παλιά καρτ ποστάλ) picture: old postcard


he palace of Knossos was the largest and most magnificent palace of Minoan Crete. It was built around 1900 BC. on the ruins of an older settlement. It was imposing and intricate with high-rise buildings, paved courtyards, monumental porticoes, colonnades and arcades, corridors and staircases.

The paper model shows the one of the two “bastions” at the Northern entrance of the palace and it consists of 21 printed and easy detachable pieces of paper in four sheets of 215gr paper.

The pack includes a sheet of historic and architectural information in both English ang Greek as well as instruction for the monument assembly.


knossos 1 site


knossos 2 site

knossos 3 site


box combo Knossos site


Video with assembly instructions


The dimensions of the assembled paper model are 29Χ14Χ6 cm.

*Glue is required for the model’s assembly

Designed by Dimitris Chalkiopoulos • Text: Dina Klimatsaki


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