ICI offers its services to companies, public sector institutions and professionals within the fields of publications, graphic arts, libraries.

Services offered to companies

  • Support in the production of new innovative cultural products or the redesign of existing ones.
  • Consultancy in design, production, sales and marketing of publications.
  • Representation of companies in the publishing market. Sales of publications and other products of cultural content in Greece and abroad.
  • Design and printing services.
  • Production of content for children and young audiences (text, illustration, animation). Television and multimedia productions.

Services offered to institutions and public bodies

  • Planning and support of scientific, educational and collective cultural activities or projects, with emphasis on the promotion of book reading and culture.
  • Support of educators from preschool, primary and secondary education in activities regarding book reading and books.
  • Consulting services regarding initial design and operational support to libraries and libraries networks.

  • Online support for the promotion of books and reading culture.

Services offered to professionals

  • Consulting services regarding the design and marketing of cultural products by young individuals.
  • Representation services in the market and distribution of products in Greece and abroad.

Social contribution

  • Consultation of unemployed or threatened by unemployment professionals regarding the acquisition of new professional skills.
  • Consultation of unemployed professionals from the fields of cultural industries regarding their reintegration into the labor market.


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